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Battery Performance Evaluation Can Now Be Comparatively Done

Researchers are now working on increasing the efficiency and power saving mode of the batteries. Though the experimentation may prove successful in a lab when tested in reality the results obtained are completely opposite. The lithium batteries are being used for 4 decades as they have the capacity to power the extremely portable gadgets like laptops, power banks, and so on. The lithium batteries were built owing to the increasing demand for high energy storage for energizing electric grids and electric vehicles. The researchers are working towards changing the components of electrode and electrolyte, which form the major components of a battery.

The researchers are trying to figure out whether making innovative changes in electrolyte or electrode could help improvising batteries performance. In the case of battery testing, there is no concept of one size fits all and thus, making the comparison of the technological advancements all the more complicated.  Ira Bloom an Argonne battery researcher has stated that industrial experts from the academic or government labs often plan their own trial for testing against lithium-ion batteries using the common battery technology protocol. Researchers from Argonne National Laboratory, Hawaii National Energy Institute, Jaguar Land Rover, OVO Energy, and University of Warwick researchers have teamed up to study various techniques that can be used globally for characterizing the performance of lithium-ion batteries and give a better insight on the finest practices.

The battery researchers rely on three important factors to mark the electrochemical performance which includes capacity, resistance, and open-circuit voltage. The battery applications vary and hence these parameters are tested at diverse test conditions so as to obtain a totally different battery operating life. For understanding the batters parameters and knowing the exact effects of the test o various parameters is a very difficult task. The easy-to-use table method constituted of 8 test methods such as data produced, the main component required, positive and negative effects of each. Scientists from the University of Waterloo build zero-emission fuel cells in order to make technologies cost-effective such that it can substitute conventional gasoline engines used in vehicles. The new fuel cell remains 10 times longer compared to the earlier technologies and also powers the engines with electricity.

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