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Tencent Closes PUBG Mobile In China For Patriotic Substitute

Tencent, the tech giant, has dropped the enormously popular mobile edition of PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) in China after failing to get a license from the management to gather incomes from the game.

Rather, the firm is migrating consumers over to a same game, Elite Force for Peace or Heping Jingying, the media reports. Heping Jingying has already been accepted for making money by the Chinese Communist party. An expert defined the game as “a compliment to the People’s Liberation Army Air Force”—part of national military of China—with themes supporting anti-terrorism.

PUBG Mobile rolled out in March 2018 and has turned out to be one of the most popular video games in the world, with as many users as Fortnite. As per forecast from China Renaissance, the game had almost 70 Million local users, which would have let Tencent to create yearly income of almost $1.18–$1.48 Billion from in-app purchases.

On a related note, just because Tencent has a share in Epic Games does not prevent it from providing its own global game store. The tech behemoth earlier rolled out a Hong Kong-located WeGame X platform that is available all over the world, comprising in English, through both a dedicated client as well as the web. It will appear familiar if you have employed Steam-akin services or Epic Games Store, even though it is not about to offer those behemoths much purpose for being worried in its present state.

WeGame X is presently believed to be an Early Access service. There are only 17 games currently, few of them familiar to non-Chinese users and most of them indies. My Time at Portia is the best-recognized title of the set for the worldwide users. You may witness more famous titles in the near period, as per the media reports.

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