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Facebook Will Increase Wage In North America For Its Contractors

Facebook will elevate the hourly pay fees for thousands of contract employees all over the US, the firm claimed this week. Its basic rate for employees will increase from $15 to $18 per hour, with a bit higher increments in cities with elevated prices of living. The modifications will go live by the middle of 2020, the firm claimed, and it will explore conveying same increments to other websites all over the world. The decision follows after reporting from the media on the long-term affect of operating as a contract employee for Facebook, which has left some employees with signs of PTS (post-traumatic stress).

“Now we are promising to pay everybody who does contract employment in the US at Facebook a salary that is more philosophical of local prices of living,” the firm claimed to the media in an interview. “And for those who evaluate content on our website to make certain it follows our community protocols, we are going even more forward. We are going to offer them additional benefits, a higher base salary, and more supportive projects considering the nature of their tasks.”

Employees in bigger metropolitan cities will get increments too: from $20–22 per hour in the New York City, Bay Area, and Washington, DC; and from $18–20 per hour in Seattle.

On a related note, the New York Supreme Court earlier claimed to support minimum wage for drivers of New York City operating for ride-sharing platforms, closing down a challenge to the supremacy from Lyft. The verdict will maintain the New York TLC’s (Taxi and Limousine Commission) minimum salary need of $17.22 for an hour after expenses, which is one of the first salary floors in the country for ride-share drivers. Lyft claims that it is not opposed to minimum salary and in fact supports such attempts, but thinks the method the TLC has planned its rules are wrong.

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