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WPP Survey Says Amazon Leads The Market As A Top Retailer

Amazon recently achieved to almost double its brand value to approximately $316 Billion. The reason behind the same is said to be the firm’s expansion in areas such as smart speakers and entertainment. A recent survey this week disclosed that now Alibaba is the second most valuable retail brand in the world.

An annual ranking from WPP ad group and its data analytics unit Kantar highlighted that the value of the Amazon brand jumped to reach 91%. At the same time, Alibaba’s value also rose 48% to reach about $131 Billion. Graham Staplehurst, Director, Global Strategy BrandZ ranking, Kantar, stated, “Both Alibaba and Amazon are connecting with consumers across a wide variety of their needs.” He added that both the firms are developing more than others, to some extent, due to their activities outside retailing. Alibaba took the 2nd position from McDonald’s although the brand value of the world’s largest fast-food chain increased by about 18% to reach approximately $130 Billion.

On a similar note, Amazon came into the news as it revealed that it might cut its free Prime shipping in half from about two days down to one. It seems that the firm has already started launching the feature in some regions, as spotted by SlickDeals.

The Verge confirmed the latest option showing up on numerous Prime items with a recent “Prime FREE One-Day” tag. This tag has replaced the earlier two-day promise. The latest one-day shipping times seem to be launching slowly. For instance, my account still promises two-day shipping. Reportedly, earlier, Amazon has offered free same-day and one-day shipping for its Prime customers, in the past, this offer was limited to orders worth more than $35. The latest one-day standard that Amazon is working on proffers that shipping speed to all Prime orders, like the present two-day version, with no minimum price limit.

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