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AT&T Will Pull Popular Shows From Streaming Rivals, Claims CEO

Randall Stephenson (AT&T CEO) verified this week that AT&T is aiming to pull WarnerMedia-controlled content such as ER and Friends from competitor streaming services and provide it wholly on upcoming streaming service by AT&T.

“We are going to have to pick a huge amount of the great content we control that has been approved elsewhere and convey that back into the system,” Stephenson claimed to the media in an interview.

The comments by Stephenson echo what TNT & TBS president overseeing streaming service at WarnerMedia—Kevin Reilly—told television critics earlier. Reilly recommended that AT&T was “ready” to eliminate “crown jewels” of WarnerMedia from Hulu and Netflix so as to provide those films and shows squarely to AT&T users on its own service.

“I think for the majority, sharing destination properties like that is not a fine model to share—my thinking is that they must be elite,” Reilly claimed.

On a related note, AT&T might have just cordially settled a fake advertising court case with Sprint for its “5G Evolution” logo, but the firm’s apparent marketing plan here is establishing to be a disaster. Instead of taking a victory lap for bringing real 5G quicker as compared to its US rivals—the actual 5G network of AT&T presently supports more cities as compared to Verizon—the firm is still clinging to a confusing, meaningless icon it declines to walk away from.

While AT&T has claimed plainly that 5G Evolution is not really 5G, in that it does not meet the speed or technical standards to be categorized as such, the end objective appears to be tricking its own users into thinking they are accessing a next-gen network via pure obfuscation. The end outcome: a complete lot of bewilderment and news outlets having to regularly stress that 5G E is a deceptive try to gin up publicity with no basis in hard data.

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