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Eutelsat And Maxar Technologies Selected For NASA’s Study

Recently, Maxar Technologies and Eutelsat were chosen to partake in NASA’s Space Relay Partnership and Services Study. This is the project of future systems that can transform NASA’s space-based transmissions architecture with new technologies and business partnerships. The future architecture will be utilized for human and scientific exploration missions in the Earth’s orbit, throughout the solar system, and at the Moon starting in the mid-2020s. Apparently, NASA’s SCaN (Space Communications and Navigation) program presently provides space-based radio frequency network services for all of the space agency’s communications activities through its Space Network. The Space Network comprises of a collection of geosynchronous satellites known as TDRS (Tracking and Data Relay Satellite) and ground systems that function as a relay system between satellites.

Leveraging present and intended commercial navigation and communication infrastructure, Maxar would study concepts to amplify the Space Network with more superior optical communications abilities and developed radio frequency services. Seemingly, Maxar will study a framework that permits for a changeover from administration-owned and directed space services to commercially advanced and operated services. This prospect architecture can unlock the new and greater scientific discovery, pledge of human exploration, and reduce operations and development costs for future missions by improved navigation and communication services.

Recently, Maxar Technologies was in news as its stocks climbed again. The shares of Canadian space technology firm are on a tear. Previously in this month, Maxar stock jumped by 21%, in response to reports that the firm can soon expect to fetch a big $183 Million insurance compensation on its lost WorldView-4 satellite. The stock nailed another 8% on those gains, in response to a publicized “tax benefits preservation scheme” that aims to make sure the company does not lose any of its NOL (net operating loss) carryforwards consequently of someone trying to buy it.

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