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Boosted Introduces A New Electric Vehicle In The Form Of e-Scooter

Boosted—American electric skateboard manufacturer—has been continuously working to redefine transportation in the streets of the city. Therefore, it launched a new series of electric-driven skateboards last year. This year, the company has come up with a different riding option, Boosted Rev electric scooter.

At present, e-scooters are also entering the cutting-edge battle of ridesharing market, but Boosted doesn’t push its product into that race. Instead of that, the company is targeting the owner’s market. The Rev’s price tag & quality don’t refer the product to survive into harsh ridesharing market.

The recently launched Boosted’s e-scooter is waterproof with IP67 certified components. Even, the charging port is packed with a rubber stopper & the internal parts of the scooter are water-resistant.

Additionally, a wide display is also equipped on the bike handlebars, which indicates the speed of the bike and the amount of battery remaining.

On a similar subject, VOI Technology—a Stockholm-based e-scooter manufacturer—has revealed a new and improved series of e-bikes and e-scooters, particularly for ride-hailing services. The urban mobility transforming company is targeting to launch its new vehicles in 150 towns & cities.

VOI was established last year and within a short period; it has already made available its vehicles in a few cities of the nine European countries. Now, it has planned to expand its business in Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Poland.

VOI is going to expand its summer business as early as next month and it will solely focus Germany at the initial level.

The German management is ready to give approval to VOI for launching its e-scooters this month. In the coming few months, Germany will become one of the biggest e-scooter markets globally.

VOI’s e-bikes will be soon available in several major cities comprising Helsinki, Paris, Madrid, Copenhagen, Oslo, Faro, Aarhus, and Lisbon, among few more.

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