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Massive Martian Ice Finding Offers Insights Into The History Of Mars

Newly found ice layers covered a mile under the north pole of Mars are the leftovers of ancient polar ice sheets and can be among the biggest water basins on the planet, as per researchers at the University of Arizona and the University of Texas at Austin. The team made the detection utilizing measurements collected by the Shallow Radar (SHARAD) on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter of NASA. SHARAD releases radar waves that can pierce up to a mile and a half below Mars’ surface.

The findings are noteworthy as the ice layers are evidence of past climate on the Red Planet in much the similar manner that tree rings are proof of Earth’s past climate. Examining the composition and geometry of these layers can inform researchers whether climate conditions were earlier approving for life, said the scientists. The team discovered layers of ice and sand that were as much as 90% water in a few locations.

If thawed, the newly found polar ice would be corresponding to a global water layer around the Red Planet at least 5 ft (1.5 m) deep. The team deems that the layers created when ice piled up at the poles during ancient ice ages on the Red Planet. Every time the planet warmed, a relic of the ice caps became sheltered by sand that guarded the ice against solar radiation and thwarted it from dissolving into the atmosphere.

On the other end, Earth and Mars might have many things in common, however, the mechanisms that carve their sand dunes aren’t among them. Precisely how Martian sand shifts around impact craters and crevasses have been anonymity—nevertheless, we may, at last, have a better suggestion. Planetary scientists have broadly disclosed how the wild winds, temperature, thin atmosphere, and topography function collectively to carve the alien land—and how it varies from sand movement on our planet. This study can assist in our plans for the ultimate tour of humanity to Mars.

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