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Comcast Is Brainstorming On A Health-Aimed Motion Sensor

Even telecom behemoths cannot resist the enticement to shift in the smart speaker section or can they? Media sources claim that Comcast is designing a smart speaker aimed on health. You would not employ this to perform smart home tasks or switch on the lights. Rather, it might employ sensors to identify long sleeping hours, trips to the washroom, and falls. You can also employ it to conduct emergency calls. Comcast verified to the media that it is operating working on a machine, but the firm claims that the tech is exclusively a sensor to identify motion, not a device that is developed to act as a smart speaker. Comcast also claims that there is no feature for the device further than health.

Comcast might pitch it to elders, individuals with disabilities, and others who have health issues but need to stay independent. The cable behemoth has allegedly discussed to various huge hospitals about employing the gadget to lower the odds of patients arriving back.

As it is, you can be waiting a while prior to you witness the launch. Test runs might begin before the end of this year, while the official launch might have to wait till next year or a year after that. There is no costing at this phase.

Speaking of Comcast, in a bid to deal with robocalls, Comcast and T-Mobile earlier joined hands to bring their users call verification. The suppliers will employ the STIR/SHAKEN standard to tag genuine numbers, so consumers will know they are not getting a spam call. For now, the catch is that only calls among the 2 firms will be entitled for the “Caller Verified” tag.

The new function is accessible to Metro by T-Mobile and T-Mobile users with specific LG and Samsung handsets. It will be accessible to Comcast Xfinity Voice handset users later in 2019.

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