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World Health Organization Tags Burnout As An Official Medical Diagnosis

In the cultural dictionary, the burnout is a test that has been believed to have a lot of work stress associated with it. For now, it has been codified in ones medical records as well. Burnout has turned out to be a legal medical diagnosis procedure, according to the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11). The ICD-11 is a handbook of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) that is relied on by many of the medical providers in disease diagnosis. The handbook has clearly mentioned that the diagnosis of burnout can be done based on the following symptoms:

  1. Loss of energy or exhaustion
  2. Mental instability in one’s job or even feeling pessimistic
  3. Low professional effectiveness

The doctors have to first completely rule out the chances of adjacent diseases like mood or anxiety disorders says the document before confirming the disease.  The diagnosis is however limited to the work environment and cannot be applied to the life situations. The research on the burnout is still on as the concept is yet blurry. There is no solid evidence for creating a definite consensus definition. Psychologist Herbert Freudenberger has been awarded for his research on the state of burnout article that was published in 1974.

In the upcoming 4 decades, the research on burnout can excel owing to the technological advancement and medical in-depth study. It will become one of the most commonly discussed mental health disorders in today’s society. Until now, the research focused only on the causes and associated factors of burnout rather than working on developing potential diagnostic criteria. The ambiguity surrounding the disease is due to the lack of diagnostic tests and knowledge. Researchers at the University College of Medical Sciences and the University of Delhi have found 20% of the industrial countries’ population working in shifts to be at a higher risk of contracting health burdens such as heart attacks, diabetes, and metabolic diseases.

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