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Augmented Reality Can Alter Your Behavior In The Actual World

A new research from Stanford’s School of Humanities and Sciences has discovered that AR (augmented reality) experiences considerably impact individual’s behavior in the actual world, even after they have removed the headset off.

Using a pair of AR goggles and 218 participants, scientists spearheaded by Professor Jeremy Bailenson performed 3 tests.

The first represented a realistic 3D person dubbed as Chris residing in the room on an actual chair (AR layers digital pictures over the physical realm, instead of making a whole new realm as VR). People had to finish anagram jobs while Chris saw, and as with the attendance of an actual person in the room, his attendance meant they found difficult puzzles harder as compared to without somebody seeing them.

The 2nd test seemed if people might sit in the chair earlier used by Chris. Although he was no longer present, none of the people still using the headset used that chair. In the last test, scientists coupled a person using an AR headset with an individual without using the headset. The 2 had a chat, after which the users using headset claimed that they had felt less of an association with their associate.

On a related note, instead of building the Statue of Liberty in such a manner that its copper shell worth 200,000 Lbs stood on its own, Gustave Eiffel developed it around a huge inner structure. You may have already been aware of this, but it is the kind of info that does not often spring to mind unless you are somebody who has already been within the statue or a French/American history buff. Luckily, to agree with the opening of the authorized museum for Statue of Liberty, there is a new AR-based iOS application to offer visitors an up-close glance at majestic gift by France to the US.

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