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Amazon To Launch ‘Drone Delivery’ Within Months

Amazon has announced that it will be using drones for delivering customer packages within months. Amazon unveiled the latest iteration of the company at a conference in Las Vegas promoting the ability of drones to identify obstacles like people, clothesline and dogs. Jeff Wilke, the executive of Amazon, said that the machine will be travelling 15 miles carrying packages with weight of 2.3 kg or less. Mr. Wilke didn’t mention where would the drone deliveries take place initially in the world or the time when this would happen.

However, the Federal Aviation Administration said that it had given Amazon the permit for operating drone in US. The regulator said that the FAA has issued a Special Certificate to Amazon Prime Air that would allow the company for operating its unmanned aircraft MK27 for R&D and for training its crew in authorized areas for flight He added that Amazon Prime Air is planning to use this aircraft for establishing a delivery operation in US. This certificate would be valid only for a year and would be entitled for renewal, said the regulator.

Earlier, Amazon was accused of promising drone delivery for grabbing headlines and pushing its publicity for the company’s service of Prime membership. But in 2016, Amazon ran a successful trial in UK. Within 13 minutes, a drone delivered a package. During the company’s conference of “Re:Mars”, an event that highlighted Amazon’s work in robotics, automation and space, machine learning, the company had put the drone on display which will be used. The drone will use six rotors and looks for what is around with the help of a combination of visual, ultrasonic, and thermal sensors.

Wilke said that few drones are independent but are unable to react in unexpected situations. They rely only on systems of communications for awareness in certain situations.

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