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Exolaunch To Offer Launch Service For 8 Spire Global Sat

Exolaunch is one of the most reputed launch service providers based in Germany and it is going to manage the missions for eight Spire Global satellites that are about to take off on 5 July on the Russian Soyuz rocket company marking the collaboration between the two of them.

Spire rockets have been up and running for quite a while now with the 100th rocket being launched by them in the month of April itself, the main purpose being the supply of data related to the weather and also for tracking aircraft and additional planes. Exolaunch and Spire actually started working together way back in 2016 and Spire have been heavily reliant on them for the launches since then. The new satellites that will be launched recently will serve the purpose of refreshing the constellation of Spire.

According to a statement by the launch director of Spire, Mr. Jerry Barna, Exolaunch has served as a formidable partner for quite some time now and they look forward to taking this collaboration forward. The reason that they have stuck with Exolaunch for so long is that the services provided by them are truly top-class with expert deployment and a team totally capable of doing its work. Other than launches, Exolaunch has also been involved in developing separation systems and it will be integrated in the Spire program as well.

The same kind of appreciation has been shown from the side of Exolaunch as well as the director of the launch service, Jeanne Mendeva, remarked that the work done by the Spire rockets to collect data from space, which has application in solving different problems on Earth while also forming a major part of a constellation is commendable and it has played a major role in ensuring that both the companies remain proud partners.

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