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Vitamin D, A Likely Antidote To Extend Life In The Cancer Stricken

Random controlled trials by researchers from Michigan State University has shown that consumption of vitamin D supplements can extend life of people with cancer.  The research was only on trials wherein people took supplements of vitamin D for four years to prevent spread of the disease. They examined cases of people that had taken these supplements against people that had been given placebo and recorded both cancer cases and deaths related to cancer. For the detailed analysis they studied 10 trial cases that had nearly 79055 participants in the average age group of 68 years of which around 78 % were female.

Their analysis showed that intake of vitamin D supplements lowers the risk of cancer death by 13 % when compared to people that took placebo during that period. But this does not mean that cancer can be prevented by taking Vitamin D supplements. The details of these findings were featured in annual meeting of American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago on 3rd June 2019 and also published in its Journal of Clinical Oncology. According to statistics of WHO cancer is the second chief cause of deaths across the world.

In 2018 alone around 18.1 million were diagnosed with cancer while nearly 9.6 million died from it. Study’s lead author Trak Haykal a resident doctor at Michigan State University stated that significant rate of survival among people that take vitamin D supplements and those that took placebo shows how important it could be for people with cancer. The study established the fact that this supplement can be taken on a regular basis as it decreases mortality rate once an individual has been diagnosed with cancer. But it has no relation or effect on cancer directly and survival is higher when disease is diagnosed during its early stages so that treatment can begin before it spreads to vital organs.

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