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Magnetic Simulation: Potential Weapon To Lower Concussion Impact

Mild injuries could cause cognitive issues in the long run. Magnetic simulation with low intensity could treat these injuries effective, as per research on mice. TBIs disrupt the brain’s functioning, even though they may be mild. Concussions from sports injuries, accidents, and falls are called TBIs.

Nausea, headaches, and dizziness are symptoms of sleeping and cognitive problems. While most people recover fully from concussions, some with previous TBI history may have long term effects like balance, concentration and memory problems. Young people are most at risk since their brains haven’t fully developed yet. As per the CDC, 800,000 children had TBIs in 2014.

Yanbo Zhang from USCM stated that TBI posed challenges to health professionals, patients, and families. No treatments are currently available for such patients. Dr. Zhang and his team investigated LFMS treatments for concussion. These findings have been published in a neurotrauma journal. It’s noninvasive, using repetitive magnetic stimulation. It was discovered in 1985 for stimulating brain cells and nerves. LMFS could work, as per HMS’s McLean Hospital, with some people feeling better after therapy.

Some brain areas in mice were stimulated, which bettered concussion symptoms. The mice had a TBI daily for three days in their right hemisphere. LFMS was administered immediately for 20 minutes every day for four days consecutively. After LFMS treatment, the mice were able to do motor and cognitive tests like maze running, wheel running and straight line walking. Performance levels rebounded to normal after 4 days. Sleep patterns return to normal, indicating concussions weren’t affecting them.

Protein levels which protect the brain against degeneration and inflammation were normal after LFMS too. Mice without LFMS couldn’t perform neurological or physical tasks successfully. The study will be tested on rodents and then on humans. The therapy is cost-effective, non-invasive and easy, which adds to its appeal.

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