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Chickenpox Vaccine May Offer Additional Cover For Shingles In Children, States Study

As per a publication in Pediatrics, medical reports of 6 million children were reviewed. Those with chickenpox vaccines were 4 times less likely to be affected by shingles prior to age 17 compared to unvaccinated children.

Both diseases are the result of an infection by the very same varicella virus. After infection, the virus can activate later, causing a shingles infection. Widely seen in adults over the age of 50, it can sometimes appear in young adults and children too. There was a two-fold benefit to chicken pox vaccination, said Sheila Weinmann of KPNCHR, the lead author. Parents should know that vaccination reduced the risk of chickenpox and shingles infections.

Adults with vaccinations need not worry much about shingles after 50 either, which is good for those who were vaccinated as kids. 3 million vaccinated and unvaccinated kids each were taken for the study. 9044 unvaccinated children had shingles over their lifetime while only 5339 vaccinated children developed the diseases.

This is equivalent to stating that out of 100,000 kids, 170 unvaccinated children contracted shingles compared to 38 among vaccinated children. Vaccinated children could develop shingles in 3 ways. They could be affected by a different virus strain or had pre-vaccine chickenpox or from the vaccine itself. While virus strains in chickenpox vaccines were weakened to not cause harm, a small number of cases did develop the disease. However, it is highly unlikely.

The current research had strong evidence backing it up, due to millions of test subjects showing this pattern. Dr. Shapiro from UCLA stated she was happy with these findings. This theory had been floated before by doctors. This study cements the theory’s claims about chickenpox vaccines reducing the risk of shingles. It is likely that as vaccinated kids grow older, there will be a reduction in the number of shingles cases.

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