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Ursa, Iceye Extend Partnership To Include Radar Data

Space research firm Ursa Space System announced early this week at the GEOINT symposium, that it is widening the scope of its partnership with Finland based Iceye, a radar satellite operator. Adam Maher, Cofounder and CEO of Ursa stated that under their new comprehensive agreement it will resell data products of Iceye and they will together develop a new range of analytic services based on the data drawn from Iceye’s SAR satellites. Both partners had signed their first business agreement in 2018. Iceye has launched two synthetic aperture radar satellites or (SAR) till date and the last one Iceye-X2 was launched in December.

The first microsatellite of Iceye the X1 was launched in January 2018 on a PSLV. Partnership between Ursa and Iceye was planned from the day the former decided to abandon plans of building and operating SAR satellites and instead focus on collating data and become a data analytics company. As Iceye is planning to build a constellation of 18 SAR microsatellites it will be able to meet all data needs of Ursa. Till data Ursa has signed agreement with several SAR satellite operators to combine information and data gleaned from them with other sources of information to provide “economically intelligent details” to its customers.

While earlier it used to focus its data driven products towards oil and gas industry it has since then expanded its product line to include other sectors too. According to Drek Edinger, cofounder and CSO of Ursa, the image quality of Iceye is excellent and both partners are excited about the business prospects and new applications they can explore once the entire constellation is ready. Iceye CEO Rafal Modrzewski stated that rapid expansion of global market for data from SAR satellites is giving the partnership wings to develop more valuable products for sharing information about every point on earth with clients.

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