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Safety Panel Advises NASA To Incorporate Commercial Crew Safety Lessons In Artemis

Safety panel has asked NASA to carefully incorporate lessons which has been learned for Artemis at the crew program. The members of the meeting of ASAP (Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel) has said that the goal of taking humans to moon by the year 2024 has got their own benefits but it should not compromise on safety.

The chair of the panel, Patricia Sanders said that the need for urgency should not weigh over the actions or decisions that compromise on the safety and assurance of the mission. Success will come from applying the lessons that are learned from models like that used in the crew program and at the same time holding on to the fundamentals of system engineering, test and effective design. One such lesson which was worth learning from the crew program was the interaction between the contract partners and the government office. This includes mutual transparency and shared responsibility between the crew companies like SpaceX and Boeing and that of NASA.

Another lesson highlighted by the panel was the non-traditional use of contracting mechanisms which include Space Act Agreements and broad agency announcements. NASA has said that unlike the Orion or the Space Launch System, they will be using the model such as the one used in the crew program for their lunar landers. Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s Administrator said that they will be buying the service. This would enable some of the companies to get support from NASA through the initial stages of lunar lander development.

The ASAP meeting which lasted for 45 minutes also gave updates on the investigation of the incident of destruction of the spacecraft SpaceX crew dragon. The investigation is led by Space X and also has participation from FAA, the National Transportation Safety Board and NASA and is still ongoing. Susan Helms, ASAP member said that modifications are being made to crew dragon by Space X. She further said that their agility and adaptability to design changes is a positive side of culture.

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