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Apple’s New iPhone Comes Ensconced With ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ Software

Apple’s iOS 13 update also has a feature capable of extending battery life.

Previously, people used to upgrade their phones every 2 years, since technology improved vastly over each release. However, people have now begun to hold on to their phones for 3–4 years. Since batteries lose their charge retention abilities with aging. That means each successful charge cannot hold as much battery as it used to.

Apple had to replace batteries in 2018 after criticism for slowing older iPhones in order to ensure performance. Thereafter, it included an option to see if batteries were running at peak capacity. If not, users could get their batteries replaced.

iOS 13 includes a feature that is currently available in developer mode. This will be officially launched this fall when the update releases. It is likely to be switched on and running by default as well.

Apple explained that this new feature slows down battery aging and enhance its quality by reducing time spent fully charged by iPhones. Machine learning will have used to hold the charge at 80% until it’s time to be used for daily purposes. This way, the phone won’t have to start and restart charging during the whole night, in a bid to keep the battery at 100%.

Li-ion batteries charge quickly till 80% after which it initiates trickle charge, aimed at extending lifespan.

However, trickle charge keeps running, even at 100% while plugged in, causing quicker wear out of the battery.

The feature will activate trickle charging at 80% and keep doing so. Based on ML strategies, it will resume normal charging right before the iPhone is required to be used. This way, battery aging is reduced and iPhones can be used for years to come at maximum performance. This feature is useful for those looking for owning their phones for an extended period.

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