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Newark Flight Schedules Upset As United Airlines Flight 627 Skids Off Runway

United Airlines announced on Saturday that a jet belonging to it had blown out multiple tires when it landed at NLIA. This caused flights to be delayed by over 5 hours in an otherwise busy airport which serves the NYC area. United Airlines is currently working with concerned authorities to get to the root of the issue.

The Boeing 757’s left landing wheel tires had blown off. This happened just as Flight 627, which was flying in all the way from Denver had a landing at Newark at 1 PM, as per FAA announcement. FAA is also investigating the accident. It stated that the plane had shifted to one of the runway’s sides after landing. The agency had earlier declared that the airplane had skidded away from the pavement. Over 6 crew members and 166 passengers were on board the flight when this happened.

This incident caused the Newark airport to briefly suspend its operations. Flights traveling into and away from Newark were suspended as well. The airport is one of the busiest hubs of flight activity. A few flights were extremely delayed as well, by over as long as 5 hours, stated the FAA. Social media images showed passengers to be departing from the airplane using stairs. The airline United Airlines claimed that a few passengers had some minor injuries. However, they had all refused medical treatment when it was offered to them. United stated that it was currently evaluating any damage that may have occurred to the airplane.

United stated that it was staying in close contact with airport administration authorities and FAA. It was working with all its available force to remove this aircraft from normal service and the airport runway to allow operations at Newark airport to be returned back to normal. The cause of the accident and its reason would be under heavy scrutiny as well.

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