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NASA Stunned As A Star Trek Logo Gets Spotted On Mars

Coincidences that don’t leave you stunned are never good enough. In what NASA terms as a remarkable “coincidence”, the Starfleet logo from Star Trek was observed on Mars through the images captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) through its HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment). The image captured shows a dune, that has found its shape possible through the lava flows and winds, and became strikingly identical to the Starfleet logo.

Of course, though a coincidence, it was going to ring quite some bells across the Star Trek fanbase. The camera used for capturing those pictures is maintained by the University of Arizona, who too admitted to the striking similarities of the image captured with the Starfleet logo. Fans were not the only ones buzzing though, as their beloved captain James Kirk also joined in to celebrate the coincidence. William Shatner, actor who played Captain James Kirk in Star Trek, took to twitter and took a jibe at rival franchise Star Wars. He tweeted the image identical to the Starfleet logo and pointed out to Star Wars that they’ve been beaten in the race to reach the red planet. This is not the first incidence of such “coincidence” though as the Planet Vulcan was also observed around 16 light years away from Earth.

NASA has also published some mind blowing observations about Saturn’s rings through the information collated by its Cassini mission that ended back in 2017. The blog talks about the structure of each ring of Saturn and also explains how each ring differs from the other in shape and texture. The observations also talk about the moons of the planet and how they give the rings their texture. Cassini mission got destroyed as it plunged into Saturn while collecting as much information as it could before it.

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