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‘Art Majors’; The Main Force Behind Design Of Xiaomi’s MI CC Smartphones

Xiaomi, one of the largest tech firms in China is launching a latest smartphone which has been designed by art majors and targeted to be bought by youth. Xiaomi declared about Mi CC smartphone series on July 22, 2019. Lei Jun, the CEO said it is the trendy smartphone for the young people. The CC is for “camera camera” referring to the dual camera technology that this device will provide.

Mi is a brand under Xiaomi and is the 4th leading smartphone seller following Samsung, Huawei and Apple. The company makes variety of products including home appliances and smart televisions. Xiaomi had mentioned during a statement that this new series would be a flagship for photography as well as selfies with the amazing back and front cameras. In fact, the phones would use a photo algorithm designed in partnership with selfie app Meitu.

Xiaomi also said that the phone has been entirely designed by a product team where 50% were from arts major and therefore promised of creating a trendy design attractive for young customers. A spokesperson from Xiaomi said that the smartphone would be launched in China on July 2nd. However, further details regarding the phone or even the price have not yet been revealed. This is not Xiaomi’s first attempt at aiming towards youth. In 2018, they had launched a smartwatch meant for children.

The biggest push for the Chinese company has come in the form of their largest domestic competitor facing massive pressure in US campaign. Sales of Huawei smartphones has suffered immensely in US and their plans for introducing 5G technology has also slowed down after US has put Huawei in export blacklist which ceases American companies from selling their materials without license. Xiaomi has made good market in India and has opened number of smartphone factories. They have in fact managed to remove Samsung and take their spot in India. New stores have opened in Spain, France and Italy as well.

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