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CBD Likely To Work As Antibiotic For Superbugs—Report

CBD is being researched for usage against pain, epilepsy, insomnia, and anxiety. It could also fight resistant infections, as per a study. CBD was tested against bacterial strains, including resistant strains, stated Mark Blaskovich of CSS at IMB at Queensland University. This could be helpful, given resistant strains are at high levels. CBC is developed from hemp and cannabis and does not cause any highs. Only CBD has been approved by the FDA for treating severe and rare seizure forms. It has other benefits too. The research was presented at ASM’s annual meet. Research should be considered preliminary until approved by peer-reviewed journals. CBD had potency levels similar to antibiotics.

CBD was tested against staphylococcus and streptococcus. Compared to daptomycin and vancomycin, CBD was effective, killing them in 3 hours. Bacterial biofilms were also penetrated quickly. CBD was less prone to cause antibiotic resistance. CBD works for gram-positive strains but not for gram-negative strains. The former cause conditions like pneumonia and skin infections. The latter is responsible for salmonella, E. coli and other bacterial strains. When tested to treat infections in mice, the bacterial population was cut by 48 hours, as per Blaskovich. Research is still underway.

CBD’s superbug fighting skills are still unexplained. It has a new action mechanism. Results look promising but are still in its early phases. Treatments with CBD are still a long way off. Australia’s government and Botanix Pharma funded the study. Brandon Noby of Reed College stated that these findings looked promising since bacteria had no resistance or biofilm formation against it. Noby also presented a study, showing that CBD could fight gram-negative bacterial infections. Amesh Adalja of John Hopkins CHS stated that this study had to be tested again for more details. He wasn’t involved in this study. However, he advised caution against blindly following CBD. The treatments have only been done on animals and test tubes. Various aspects like toxicity, dosages, and delivery methods are all under research yet. Self-treatment with CBD is not advised.

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