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New Camera App Employs AI To Remove People From Your Pics

Bye Bye Camera is an app on iOS platform developed for the “post-human realm,” claims Damjanski, an artist located in New York City who assisted make the app. He described the app as post-human since it employs AI to eliminate people from pictures and paint over their absence.

“One gag we always make about it is: ‘now you can snap a selfie without being you in the picture,’” Damjanski claimed to the media.

The app has a price tag of $2.99 from the App Store. But, the app is not very good. It has a number of flaws. The app is sluggish and eliminates people with a huge amount of mess, leaving behind a coat of pixels as if an AI hit man is sending a message. If you are seeking to edit out political rivals from your Instagram, you would be better off employing Photoshop. But if you need to mess around with ML magic, the app is good fun.

The app was developed by Damjanski and 2 of his buddies who are all fraction of Do Something Good, an “incubation communal” where artists and coders pool their resources to make initiatives. Bye Bye Camera belongs to that group.

The software behind the working of the app is pretty simple. It employs YOLO (an object-detection open-source algorithm) to verify people and a mixture of AI systems to fill in their nonattendance. Damjanski does not go into details about these, but such algorithms for painting are not unusual.

On a related note, never mind having bot deliver food. But, if QCRI and MIT scientists have their way, the robots will cook your pizza too. They have designed PizzaGAN (Generative Adversarial Network), a neural network that learns how to cook pizza with the help of images. The AI knows not how to verify separate toppings.

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