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Researchers Notice That Light Beams Have A Complete New Property

The scientists have found that the light can own a new characteristic that is self-torque. The current discovery opens up new possibilities in light-associated applications. The researchers believe that it can improve smart phones and hard drives. The applications of light are tightly associated with our capability to control light. In comparison to a few of the decade-old known properties of light like wavelength, intensity and light’s twisting action due to its angular momentum, the recently discovered property is quite flabbergasting. Each light beam carries highly structured angular momentum or even orbital angular momentum (OAM) that is identified as vortex beams.

The intensity is a donut-like shaped property that has applications in quantum optics, optical communications, microparticle manipulation, and microscopy. It has recently been found that the latest properties of structured light beams can be obtained by making use of its angular momentum and this has garnered new interests. The beam carrying OAM can act in a time-based pattern, as per Laura Rego who was the pioneer of the discovery. The self-torque containing light beams possess angular momentum that alters constantly as per time.

The high-harmonic generation process can generate these beams naturally. They appear as a croissant present over an octave of orbital angular momentum values with the light pulse. Researchers from Iowa State University have explained terahertz light that is light at trillions of cycles per second can behave as a control knob to speed supercurrents. This can open new paths for the quantum world of matter and energy at atomic and subatomic scales for practical applications like ultrafast computing. He also believes that the quantum world of energy and matter is still a big mystery. However, in the future, if possible terahertz light-wave can help fine-tune supercurrents and act as a universal tool.

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