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Adidas Campaign Of Twitter In UK That Used AI To Respond Turns Sour…

On Monday, Adidas launched a social media campaign which was for the celebration of launch of its new gear. The gear was for the Arsenal soccer team but campaign went amiss. It is reported that Twitter account of Adidas UK which has more than 800 thousand followers has send out some anti-semitic and other inappropriate replies to the user.

In their campaign, Adidas was encouraging Twitteraits to use hashtag #DareToCreate. By using this hashtag, they would get a reply from Adidas which had their photos on the Arenal Jersey’s back, virtually. These replies were automatically prompted by the use of AI but they went wrong.

@MadelineMcCann, @96wasotenough, etc. were some of the users who created jerseys with the given hashtag but got some absurd replies. The campaign was interrupted when these people got written on the back of their jerseys things which referred to some tragic incidents from the history child disappearance case, Madeleine McCann from 2007 while others got stampede in 1989 at a stadium where 96 people were crushed.

A spokesperson of Adidas has said that they had been made aware of the abuse faced by twitter users which happened during their partnership campaign with Arsenal. He added that it was caused due to a small error and it was immediately turned off too. Later, he also said that they were in contact with Twitter to monitor the violating actions and find the cause behind it.

Although those tweets had been deleted by Adidas UK Twitter account but it has already set another example for social media that how AI or bots could go wrong.

Similar incident happened with Uber account of customer service when a user tricked them at their reply from @Uber_Support. User changed his username to a racist slur which starts form “n”. Uber’s account responded that they were sorry about the, N—-.

It also raises questions about how Twitter is controlling the platform.

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