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Apple Responds Immediately To Resolve iCloud Outages

Outages have become the new frequent highlight for tech news as major companies have been reporting service outages lately affecting millions of users across the globe. Apple’s iCloud was the most recent addition to the list as users reported service outages on Thursday. The issue was not letting them log in to their iCloud accounts denying them access to certain iCloud features like Photos, Calendar, and Contacts.

The outages hit Apple just a day after all of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram reported identical service outages. Apple’s very own system page too confirmed the outage by reporting similar issues across multiple iCloud features with the first one being reported at 11:51 AM ET. Just 15 minutes later, DownDetector reported a major spike in issues with most of them being reported from Europe, especially from Germany. Users across the West Coast and in some areas of the United States too were reported to be affected by the outage. Apple did not waste any time and was quick to respond to the reports of outages. By 2:45 PM ET, the company came back with their confirmation that the issue had been resolved and users would be able to log in to their iCloud accounts again. Though users were able to log in again into iCloud, they were continuing to experience issues with Reminders, Calendar, and Contacts.

Apple recently suffered a significant setback as they had to bid adieu to their design chief John Ive, who had been a part of the Company’s successful journey over the decades. Ive had worked with Apple for well over two decades and was instrumental in designing the iMac back in 1998 that boosted the company’s popularity across the world. He had designed almost everything including iPhones, iPads, and iPods. He will now be starting his own design company and Apple will be his company’s primary clients.

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