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Android Malware Comes Back And This Time It Will Record Your Screen, Too

A banking trojan on Android has come back with enhancements which lets it to record screens of impacted machines while also including new methods that assist the malware stay concealed from victims.

First reported by ThreatFabric cybersecurity researchers in October 2018, BianLian began life as a dropper for other kinds of malware, most particularly the Anubis banking virus, which has pinched money from a number of Android consumers all over the world.

But the cybercriminals responsible for BianLian soon altered their methods, changing the code and re-purposing the virus in its own right into a banking Trojan. This repeatedly bypasses protections in the certified app store of Google Play as a method of distributing their malevolent payload.

Now scientists at Fortinet have discovered a new edition of BianLian that recommends those behind it are still offering frequent updates to the malware so as to make it stronger and offer even better outcomes.

If a consumer installs one of the malicious applications employed to deliver BianLian, the first thing the app does is frequently ask for permission to employ the additional functions and accessibility services the app provides. This is a common method in Android malware that uses a feature aimed to assist make devices simpler to employ.

On a related note, earlier a customer support account of Samsung posted an odd alert that, to avoid malicious software assaults on your smart television, you must scan it for malwares every couple of weeks. It even added an instructional clip to assist you perform so.

The post was short lived though. Samsung has since eliminated it, but it existed sufficiently long to lift handful of red flags. At a time when most people ignore to scan their cellphones and laptops, asking users to scan their televisions every few weeks appears like a stretch.

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