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Amazon Workers To Strike For 6 Hours On Prime Day—Report

Amazon workers from a warehouse at Shakoope, Minnesota are planning to undertake a strike to get their concerns about a safer job and less stringent working conditions. The strike is planned for the opening six hours of Prime Day with a view that the company will get affected by the strike. As per the report in Bloomberg, the warehouse workers from two shifts will start the strike outside the warehouse with a few engineers from Amazon Employees For Climate Justice group also expected to be present to support the strike.

Strike from Amazon workers is quite frequent in Europe where the worker unions are decently powerful, but the same level strikes are a scarcity in America. Despite that, there have been two instances of protest where the Somali-American workers walked off demanding some relaxation in quotas during Ramzan. Amazon reportedly made the demanded changes but the workers continue to demand relaxation in the strict quotas, basis which Amazon fires the workers quite frequently. The workers are insisting Amazon to convert more temporary jobs into full time jobs and remove or relax the quotas which they feel are unsafe for them. In their reply, Amazon has stated that 90 per cent of the workers at the Shakoope warehouse are permanent employees. Regarding the quotas, the company has stated that they’ll provide dedicated help and guidance to the workers who fail to meet the quotas before taking any action.

Amazon has many other things to ponder their thinking upon. The company is planning to launch around 3,200 internet satellites to keep up the pace with Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Amazon’s prospective broadband satellite constellation, announced back in April this year, will be known as the Project Kuiper. The company is hoping the FCC approves its planned number of satellites, so that they can get going with their broadband services.

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