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Crushed Eggshells Could Help Repair Bone Damage

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Lowell made the first attempt and got success in bringing the most mysterious effects for the bones. They have done the research on the eggshells for the first time and they have shown the way by getting success on researches with rats and vitro.

A recent study from the research has been published and that revealed that the trashed elements are usable now. Egg cells after you extract the white element and the yolk finds the best place at trash. Now, the researchers have found that these shells are made of pure calcium carbonate and they can be consumed for fixing the damages of bones in the best and in the fastest way.

Recent researches as covered by our news agency reveals that researchers of the University of Massachusetts Lowell have made the shells of eggs dusted and applied that on the rats and also in the video to get success. The researchers in their report stated that they have tested in 5-6 bone conditions on the rat and each time that resulted in a success whose percentage is much more than that of general success factors.

The researchers in their report also stated that there remains a risk with the bacteria that usually resides in near to 80% of the eggshells. However, they also made a claim that this fault can be easily recovered if a supplement is created from the eggshells with a minor medication to kill those bacteria.

Further researches are yet to be opened up and that will be opened up after the approval of the report from the medical authority of the nation, but the research results being excellently successful, the researchers are confident to go for the next stages of the same. Now the question is how will it affect the medical market, with the ease of making it and with the excess availability of the same?

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