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Trump Likely To look Into Pentagon’s Cloud Contract Following Complaints

President of the United States, Donald Trump commented on Thursday that he will seriously consider taking a deeper look at a contract from the Pentagon that is speculated to hold a worth of nearly $10 billion for Amazon or Microsoft. Trump said that this is an issue he’s received the most number of complaints about.

While addressing a press gathering at White House in course of a meeting being held with the Netherlands prime minister, Trump acknowledged the tremendous complaints they have been receiving from different companies regarding the matter. A few such companies are famous global names such as Oracle, IBM and Microsoft.

Back in the month of April, Amazon and Microsoft emerged as the sole existing competitors for this particular contract, following the Defense Department’s ruling against Oracle and IBM. The contract has been named as JEDI. It is being considered as the marquee deal to whichever company ultimately gets hold of it. In particular, Amazon and Microsoft are working extremely aggressively in the government sector to help their expanding units of cloud storage.

Although Trump refrained from citing the name of Amazon’s Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos on Thursday, the latter has caused constant frustration when it comes to the president. Currently, Bezos is the owner of The Washington Post. Interestingly, this newspaper is regularly criticized by Trump about the manner in which its covers his administration. Further, Trump has repeatedly accused Amazon for failure of payment of fair taxes as well as the rip off of the Post Office system of the US.

The JEDI or the Joint Enterprise of Defense Infrastructure contract was initially planned to be presented in the month of September 2018. According to Pentagon’s statement to the CNBC, the deal regarding cloud computing was supposed to be declared the next month.

However, CNBC did not receive any comments from the Pentagon about Trump’s statements. In fact, a representative from Microsoft also refused to comment on the matter, while an AWS spokesperson did not respond to any inquiry.

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