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Microsoft Stock Soars After It Beat Earnings Forecast

Stock price of Microsoft rose by 2% following the company’s release of their quarterly guidance and earnings figures, which turned out to be much better than what had been predicted and expected.

As per Refinitiv, earnings had been predicted at $1.21 for each share. Instead, the actual figures came to $1.37 for each share, excluding several items. Further, the expected revenue for the company had been $32.77 billion, which turned out to be $33.72 billion in reality.

As reported by FactSet, on an annual basis, revenue saw a growth of 12% in fiscal year 2019’s fourth quarter for Microsoft’s, ending June 30. This marked the ninth quarter at a stretch for the company where they reported a double-digit annual revenue growth.

Shares of Microsoft have accumulated a gain of 34% in 2019 and this has pushed the firm past the market cap of $1 trillion. In addition, investors have continued to put their money on the ability of the company’s CEO, Satya Nadella to expand the cloud computing business as well as acquire deals against the tech giant Amazon.

The business segment of Intelligent Cloud from Microsoft includes the public cloud of Azure, SQL Server, Windows Server, GitHub, Visual Studio as well as consulting services. Combined together, they produced revenue worth $11.39 billion solely in the fourth quarter. Analysts, whose opinions were recorded by FactSet, had predicted revenue of around $11.02 billion from Intelligent Cloud.

Azure’s revenue saw a 64% growth over the years, which marks the smallest rate of growth in nearly four years. Exact figures of Azure’s revenue are not disclosed by Microsoft. However, the company acknowledged to have witnessed greater number of long-term and large Azure contracts this quarter, making it fall in sync with past quarters. Before the earnings, analysts working for Merrill Lynch as well as KeyBanc Capital Market and Stifel had indicated towards their expectations of the annualized growth of Azure to fall at around 68%.

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