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UK MPs Want New PM To Take Urgent Action On Huawei, 5G Networks

New Prime Minister of U.K will have to take an immediate decision on whether or not to take China’s Huawei as Britain’s 5G telecom network. A strong committee of legislators in UK said that the prolonged ongoing debate has been harming relationship between the two nations. National Security Council of Britain of which the retiring Prime Minister Theresa May is the chairperson had a meeting with Huawei during April. It was decided there to suspend Huawei from continuing with 5G network and allow them only limited access to business that is less sensitive.

On one hand, U.S has already warned their allies against using Huawei technology because Beijing might be using it for spying on different nations. On the other hand, China has also told Britain that suspension of Huawei would directly cause tension in trade and investment of both the nations. The final decision on Huawei would already have been taken by U.K government. However, Theresa had thought of stepping down for a while which led to the decision at halt. She would either be replaced by former London mayor Boris Johnson or foreign minister Jeremy Hunt.

Chairman at Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), Dominic Grieve said that the new Prime Minister should give this matter urgent priority and take a final decision. ISC informed that cyber security chiefs of Britain had made it clear that the issue is not only regarding a single nation or firm, but that the system should be efficient enough to stand at the face of any attack or threatening action or maybe human error. It was also said that this can be best received when there are a range of suppliers offering service but there are only three – Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei. Excess dependence and least competition have rendered security standards low. Nonetheless, an important decision like this might take a while but not to the extent that it damages international relations. Therefore, the next PM will have to give this immediate attention.

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