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China is a Vital Movie market for Hollywood…The jacket says it all!

The importance of China as a market for Hollywood films was emphasized in the recent trailer of Tom Cruise’s latest movie “Top Gun:Maverick” in which he is wearing a jacket that does not have flags of Taiwan and Japan like the previous movie in the series. Observers say that the reason behind the obvious change could be due to the fact that Maverick is being produced by Tencent Pictures which is a Chinese firm which has in the past coproduced movies like Wonder Woman and Kong-Skull Island.

Media analysts say that due to global audience movies have today filmmakers have to understand how audiences in target markets are likely to react to storylines and situations in high profile releases. China has become one of world’s largest film markets with some analysts suggesting that it could soon overtake USA as a top film market.

During last year China brought in around $8.87 billion from its box offices while US markets earned more than $11 billion from movies. China has a huge market for American films and recently Avenger-Endgame that earned around $614 million in China alone while Fate of the Furious earned   $ 392 million. Some fans speculated that the missing flags on the jacket could be due to Chinese business partner or due to different story in the latest version or a combination of both. The new patch has “Indian Ocean Cruise” which was the location of dogfight in the original movie so the flags could have been removed for that reason. The trailer of “Top Gun : Maverick” was released by Paramount recently at the San Diego Comic Con, which is a sequel to original 80’s classic starring Tom Cruise. The ability of movie buffs to notice the smallest change in detail in movie trailers itself shows that their attention to details would qualify them for admission to flight school.

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