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Bank Of Japan Prevents Surge In Yen With Ultra-Low Interest Rates

If uncertainties increase, Bank of Japan may bring in addition monetary stimulus to protect its country, says Bank of Japan Governor.

Japan has ultra-low-interest rates that are encouraging investment into assets abroad. Ultra-low interest rates are made to prevent the yen from surging.

Japan has been experiencing low-interest rates for a long duration from the central banks. Haruhiko Kuroda, Japan’s central bank chief had brought in stimulus through rate cuts almost six-years back.

Long-term interest rates are at zero percentage, brought in through aggressive stimulus package from the central bank. Short-term interest rates are at minus 0.1 percent.

If the Fed cuts interest rates, it may bring in a spike in the yen versus the dollar, which in turn may hurt exports from Japan. The European Central Bank may also go in for rate cuts as a stimulus option, which will affect the value of the yen.

Japan is getting into riskier investments. Foreign real estate is the new appetite of the country. Investment is going into bond yields too. Opaque securities are bought into, and real estate and stocks are the new fancies.

Investors are now attracted towards riskier assets. Japan is well known to have safe equity portfolios and bonds that are invested within the boundaries of Japan. But times have changed over the past 15 to 20 years, says Hiroyuki Matsunaga, UBS Asset Management Head in Japan. Purchase of yen-denominated bonds from Indonesia has seen a new high.

The currency is very volatile and monetary policies are not very stable, bringing in swings in money flows and prices. Global uncertainties are ruling the market.

Investors seem to be shifting from JBS’s and equities into investment funds and overseas securities. About $575 billion has been invested in overseas bond within a decade.

Japanese farmers are taking more collateralized loans, which has accumulated to about $68 billion, shows data from Norinchukin Bank.

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