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Google Gives Users $5 Gift Card In Return For Their Face Data

Google is testing a new method of gathering face data comprising gift cards and public places.

As media claims, Google is sending out “many groups in a number of cities” armed with gift cards and an altered handsets in a bid to gather as much facial info as possible. If approached, the individual will clarify that he is operating for Google and gathering info to enhance the next generation of phone unlocking using facial recognition. If you decide to assist, an unknown handset in a huge case will be given to you with an instruction to move it in selfie mode to snap your face from different angles.

Once the facial imprison is done a waiver is inked and a gift card worth $5 is given to the volunteer for either Starbucks or Amazon. It appears likely that by agreeing to participate, signing the agreement, and taking the gift card, members are offering their face info for Google to employ as they wish.

As to why Google is gathering this info, all the proof directs to the Pixel 4, which is anticipated to have a face authentication system similar to how Apple provides on iPhone with the help of Face ID. Such a system requires to be skilled, though, and that needs faces. Certainly Google thought going to public places along with gift cards might be the best method to collect fresh info, and it appears to be working.

On a related note, the newest Pixel 4 leak was for screen protectors featuring a new cutout anticipated to be for Soli chip by Google. This chip might allow for hand gestures. There are also cutouts for 2 cameras, letting a Face ID-akin system for safely opening your handset as long as it can detect your face. Pixel 4 is anticipated to roll out in October.

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