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UK’s Indecisiveness On Huawei And Its 5G Network Is Damaging

The UK government is yet to take a decision on whether to ban Huawei equipment in 5G network infrastructure or not. Bowing down to US pressure or continuing with Huawei equipment is the dilemma facing the UK government.

The security concerns raised by the US are not being unanimously corroborated by the security agencies in the UK. Every one of them including GCHQ, National Cyber Security Center, Science and Technology Committee is offering conflicting advice on the issue and the continuously changing scenario in the US are two major factors making it difficult for the UK government to announce a decision in this context.

The government’s prolonged delay in this matter is going to majorly affect the carriers, mobile users and Huawei in addition to its relationship with its allies. With a new Prime Minister taking charge of the government in the forthcoming week it is hoped that a decision on the Huawei matter will be taken by him soon.

As UK aims to be a global leader in 5G, it’s indecisiveness on disrupting the course of the existing 5G infrastructure is not very surprising. Banning Huawei would entail the country to relinquish its leadership position in 5G in addition to burdening the economy by a cost of 6.8 billion pounds and delaying the general obtainability of 5G by another couple of years. But, at the same time the government cannot ignore the national security issue.

The best way out would be to maintain an assortment of suppliers and this decision is expected to come forth in the report which will be released sometime in the ensuing week. An encouraging sign in this scenario was that the government had not issued any order withholding the networks from their 5G rollout.

Though Huawei did not offer any comments in this context, the company echoed the idea of diversity as that brought about greater flexibility in networks.

For now, however, the Huawei issue continues to be in an awkward limbo.

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