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Einstein’s Relativity Theory Proves Right Yet Again

When astronomers analyzed the mysterious gravitational pull from the center of Milky Way-the black hole, they concluded that Einstein’s theories regarding time and space is still strong and true about the working of gravity. Einstein in his theory of general relativity said that gravity is the result of the way mass depends on time and space.

The mass of an object is directly proportional to the gravitational pull. Scientists have thoroughly tested the predictions of general relativity in weak (Earth and solar system) and strong (black holes in the center of all virtual galaxies) gravitational fields. There are possibilities of violations of the theory of general relativity. This can lead to explanations about cosmic mysteries like dark energy and dark matter.

The astronomy professor from California Los Angeles University and the research’s co-lead author, Andrea Ghez agreed with the theories of Einstein for now but also added that they cannot explain the pull from the black hole and a more comprehensive theory is needed to understand black hole. In the latest research, astronomers monitored and analyzed the black hole Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*) and said that it is about 14.6 million miles in diameter and 4 million times the mass of the sun.

In 2018, the scientists observed S0-2 star when it came closest to Sgr A*; It was at a distance of 120 AU (93 million miles), traveling at 2.7% the light speed. The astronomers tracked S0-2’s orbit in 3D using the Subaru Telescope, Gemini Observatory and Keck Observatory in Hawaii. They combined the measurements of last 24 years with this data.

A prediction of general relativity, ‘gravitational redshift’ showed that light going towards a gravitational field moves to the blue end, and light going away from the field goes to the red end of the spectrum. The red-shifting was consistent with general relativity, and it was surprising because Einstein during his time didn’t even know that black holes existed. Another target for this research is to be done on S0-102 having the shortest orbit near Sgr A*.

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