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Academicians Want AI System To Be Named As Inventor

A group of academicians have come forward with a demand of recognizing an AI system as inventor of 2 ideas and they’ve filed patents on those Artificial Intelligence’s behalf. The two items which are designed by the AI are an interlocking container of food- which is easier for grasping by the robots and a cautionary light that flares in a beat which is difficult to ignore.

Patent offices hesitate to accept this plea as they claim humans are attributed with innovations which is to ward off legal troubles which could arise if they recognize corporate inventor ship. Nevertheless, the academicians don’t agree with this and deem it as outdated.

This has led to 2 professors, belonging to Univ. of Surrey to collaborate with the Dabus AI, a Missouri- established inventor, for filing patents on behalf of the system with the applicable authorities in Europe, UK and US.

Previously, Dabus AI was best recognized for producing surreal art by mixing noise into the systems’ neural networks for creating unusual ideas. Dabus lacks facility for solving specific problems as it was not taught that program. Instead, it looks to develop and devise new ideas.

The 1st patent defines a foodstuff holder which by the help of fractal designs creates bulges and pits in its body. This results in many containers fitting together firmly which eases in transportation and also makes it easier for robots to grip and pick it up.

The 2nd patent explains a lamp created to flash in a rhythmic pattern to imitate designs of neural action that consist of the production of ideas, creating difficulty in ignoring it.

Ryan Abbott, a professor of law voiced BBC News that although AI’s are authoring books and clicking photos but without a customary writer one couldn’t access copyright fortification in the States.

He suggested that an artificial intelligence should be considered as an inventor and the owner of that AI should own the patent, unless it is sold to someone. However, as per the acknowledgment of Prof Abbott, lawmakers are needed to look into the matter and settle it and it might not be earlier then mid-2020s for the matter to resolve.

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