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Apple May Launch Two Extra iPad Models This Year

It seems as though Apple’s iPad series will get slightly bigger. The firm already has 5 different tablet models, but as per new regulatory filings seen by media, there can be 2 new tablets in progress.

Currently, Apple’s iPad series comprises the iPad, iPad Mini, the 11 inch iPad pro, iPad Air, and the 12.9 inch iPad pro. The media earlier this month reported that the firm had filed 5 models with the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission), and this newest filing comprised 2 extra models.

What exactly those extra models will be are not clear, even the media rumors that it can be a renovation of the 9.7 inch iPad, probably with a couple of 10.5-inch and 10.2-inch iPads that were speculated to be in the operations precisely this year.

On a related note, earlier is was speculated that Apple will divide iTunes into its component fragments in the forthcoming macOS 10.15, with new Video, Music, and Podcast apps to restore the ancient iTunes. But it seems that, the separate standalone Music app will still be developed on the structure of iTunes, not a Marzipan-based, new app, as per media reports.

So rather than developing a new Music app from the beginning that might develop on a shared coding with Apple’s current separate Music app on iOS, the new app for Music on macOS will still be a normal AppKit Mac app. In different words, it will possibly still essentially be iTunes, but with a few more functions cut off into different apps to let the firm to better aim on music.

The new Music app is stated to keep many of the functionalities that iTunes already offers, comprising smart playlists, synchronizing with iOS & iPods devices, advanced library management, and even disc burning & reading, which might be good for anyone who relies on those functionalities for daily use.

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