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Experiencing 622 Fatal Cases, The Philippines Gov Announced National Health Alert

With more than 622 people fallen prey to the fatal effects of dengue since January 2019, the state of Philippines has announced a national dengue outbreak, with the lethal disease having expected to include millions of more victims, if not taken immediate cautionary actions. Till date, nearly 146,000 cases has been reported, beginning from January to mid-July, a massive 98% increase in dengue compared to the last year’s stats, as reported by the health department officers. A national dengue alert was initiated last month itself by the resident’s of Philippine but was waved off by the officials, claiming the disease affected zone was localized and had no chances of spreading to other areas.

The symptoms of dengue include recurrent high fever, muscular and joint pains and well as inflammation and outbreak of rashes throughout the body. With more than several millions of people suffering from this disease worldwide, about 500,000 people induce severe conditions and 125,000 people falling prey to death every year. Which is why, this sudden upsurge in the infected rate has invoked a state of utmost importance by World Health Organization, and the epidemic awareness was announced for better identification and dispatch of remedial measures at the earliest.

The last month in the Philippines had witnessed a death count of more than two hundred, alleviating the health concerns of residents as well as health officials. The major areas having the state of emergency declared at, contain nearly 40% of the entire population of the country. Spike in dengue occurrences have been gradually increasing in other areas of Philippines as well, but have not reached the extremity of national concern yet. Dispatch of doctors and nursing facilities at the infected zones have been conducted since July, and have been promised to increases the number of healthcare bodies further, to eradicate the outbreak as soon as possible.

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