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Elizabeth Warren Proposes Higher Taxes To Control Gun Violence

On Saturday, Elizabeth Warren who is a Democratic 2020 hopeful, proposed a gun control policy. According to the policy, higher rates of taxes will be imposed on manufacturers of guns. It also proposed an investigation on the  NRA which is the National Rifle Association.

The proposal comes in the wake of the mass shootings that happened in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas. The shooting in Ohio killed over 30 people and left many other injured. The Massachusetts Senator starts her proposal with to reduce deaths due to a gun and then proposed the policy decisions that can facilitate in achieving this goal.

Warren said that the death toll from guns in the US was close 40,000 people in 2017 and aimed at reducing the number by a significant 80%. She said that although she doesn’t know the way to completely eradicate the problem but she would like to begin by implementing the solutions their establishment will think will be helpful in reducing gun violence.

She proposed action against a gun industry which has been out of control and begin setting accountability on the gun manufacturers for violence that happens.

One of the major promises were also to launch an investigation against NRA and also its cronies

She also proposed the law which would make these company CEOs liable criminally and also jail time if they are found guilty of the crime or in any way causing harm to Americans and their families

Furthermore, the other proposals aimed at preventing anyone who has been earlier convicted of committing a hate crime from ownership of a gun and to temporarily restrict access of a gun to those at risk of causing harm by passing laws to protect extreme risk.

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