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Plant Based Burgers May Be Good For The Environment, Not For Health

If you want to have your fill of the meat burgers and yet avoid consuming meat then you have two options; Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger products. Both the burger brands offer the best vegetarian imitation of the beef burger right down to its unique meaty flavor but beware! They may not offer the healthiest option.

A nutritionist’s analysis has indicated that these plant burgers may not really offer the health value you may expect from them. Calorie analysis of all of them will throw greater light in this context. Calorie and saturated fat content in Impossible Burgers is 240 and 8 grams respectively and similarly in Beyond Burger it is 250 calories and 6 grams of saturated fat. The protein content amounts to 19 grams from Impossible Burger’s soy and 20 grams from Beyond Burger’s peas. As against this, the content of calories and saturated fat in an 80% lean meat burger is a close 280 and 9 grams respectively. Turkey burgers contain calories totaling 220 to 240 and a saturated fat amount of 4 to 5 grams. The protein content in the non-plant based burgers total around 19 to 21 grams.

Grain containing veggie burgers are however, the best option from the health point of view as their calories and saturated fat content amounts to a mere 150 to 160 and 1 gram respectively. But they differ totally when it comes to the taste and they contain a low protein content of 9 grams. The sodium content in the grain based and the fake meat burgers is also too high.

You can relish the meat imitating burgers and contribute to the environment along the way but remember you will not be consuming the healthiest burger. If health or nutrition is of paramount importance to you then the best option for you is to go for a pure veggie burger that comprises of brown rice, quinoa, black beans and a host of crunchy veggies.

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