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Preventing Suicide Likely To Prevent Mass Killers Get Into The Act

More and more research is being undertaken in the US to understand the reasons for the happening of mass shootings at increased frequencies in recent times. The Dayton, Ohio mass shooting which came very soon in the wake of the shocking massacre in El Paso, Texas has gone to prove the need for analyzing the reasons for the same.

One such work was undertaken by psychologist Jillian Peterson who has developed a database pertaining to killer gunmen responsible for mass shootings during the period 1966 to 2018. The database was of special significance in view of Washington showing support for certain gun control measures which included giving police or courts the authority to seize firearms from individuals who could be possible threats to their own self and the rest of the world. The main aim of the database was to ascertain what goes to turn ordinary citizens into mass shooters.

Peterson identified certain commonalities amongst the majority of mass shooters and suicidal tendency was a common thread running amongst most of them. The mass shootings she said was their final countdown to getting killed either by the police or through self- shooting or by being imprisoned for life. One of the key solutions, she added was to concentrate on suicide prevention strategies.

Some more common threads were also identified by her comprising domestic violence, childhood trauma or parental suicide. The shooting spree could be triggered by being sacked from a job or being terrorized. Some event triggers something within the shooters and they go berserk with the gun. She further added that the shooters used some way or the other to endorse their emotions of aggression or anger by becoming a part of hate groups that shared like-emotions.

All research pointed towards accessibility of fire-arms to the shooters and a majority of them have resorted to military style arms, semi-automatic weaponry and big cartridges that can get large number of people killed during their act. Every opportunity has to be utilized for preventing such acts.

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