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Spacesuits To Protect Astronauts On Mars, Moon—Latest Report

The company that assisted in designing and supplying spacesuits to the Apollo program of NASA has unveiled Astro. It is a Next Generation system of Spacesuit prototype. Collins Aerospace has previously collaborated with ILC Dover for the production of spacesuits currently being used on the International Space Station. They have revealed the next generation spacesuit on July 25 at an event held on Washington D.C’s Capitol Hill. The event also celebrated the lunar landing’s 50th anniversary.

This new system of suit comprises an EVA or extravehicular activity suit and a backpack of life-support regulating pressure and providing oxygen along with cooling. It has been fashioned by considering futuristic crewed missions. As a result, this suit can serve NASA as well as the partners of commercial space while they aim at developing plans of returning humans to moon and launching crewed missions for Mars. The spacesuit was developed by ILC Dover and the backpack of life-support was provided by Collins Aerospace for the demonstration of the prototype.

According to Patty Stoll, who is the Division Manager and Senior Director of ILC Dover’s space systems, the Capitol Hill event showcased the mobility of Astro as well as its advanced capability of sizing capability. Further, their Collins Aerospace partnership has allowed Astro to walk about the foyer of Rayburn Building without being attached to any pressure cart.

Apart from the unveiling of Astro at this Capitol Hill event, the CEO and President of ILC, Fran DiNuzzo revealed Sol, which is a fresh commercial LEA launch, that is launch, followed by entry and subsequently, abort spacesuit.

This new suit of Astro presents various improvements over EMU or unit of extravehicular mobility spacesuit which astronauts in space stations use currently for completion of spacewalks. In a statement issued, Collins Aerospace has confirmed about this new suit being equipped with better technology related to removal of carbon dioxide.

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