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Andrew Yang Considers Elon Musk As An Inspiration—Latest News

Elon musk yesterday made the day for one more fan, this time a high profile one who has been inspired by him. The reason why Elon is so loved is because he has always been putting people ahead of everything else be it replying to their tweets or encouraging them or maybe sharing something that his fans have made.

This time, Andrew young who is a 2020 presidential candidate for Democrats and Venture for America founder has been on the receiving end of support by Elon Musk whom he greatly admires and admits to be a fan of.

A Not for profit organization, ‘Venture for America’ is aimed at revitalizing cities in America and its communities by Entrepreneurship. They help in training young graduates and professionals to work for the emerging startups in cities of America.

Yang’s core issue in the presidential race for 2020 is that every American who is above the age of 18 must basic income which would be a response to the rapidly rising automation. His focus is on human centric capitalism and also believes that Medicare should be accessible to everyone.

His idea of Human Capitalism is directed at the maximization of our collective fulfillment and well-being. He believes that for organizations, workers are replaceable and hence they don’t attach much value to their workers. Many workers, according to him are aware of it but are helpless because of their need to pay their bills and would therefore chose ‘Corporate Slavery’ to being without a home specially if their families have to be fed and taken care of.

The concept of Universal Basic Income or UBI has for long been advocated by Elon Musk.

Andrew Yang had earlier in an Instagram post also described Elon Musk as an inspiration for him

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