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Apple Sends Strong Message To Those Who Invade Privacy

In something that is a threat to the privacy of users, websites and companies which show ads on the websites, are equipped to track the users from one website to the next and then to another and create a database of the users interests and then further target the users online with things that are more likely to capture interest of the user as per the interests of the user.

The plaguing problem has now caught the attention of the browsers as they are now beginning to crack down. On Wednesday, Apple has published a policy on how its browser Safari will be blocking the websites and advertisers from tracking the users online and the policy has a strict reaction for anyone who attempts at thwarting its approach.

Safari had started blocking this sort of tracking two years ago. Others like Brave have been doing it for three years. Firefox began doing it in the month of June; Microsoft has been developing a similar technology while Google has now started cracking down for its Chrome. Apple is not fond of the methods like supercookies and other sneaky methods that websites have been using to evade privacy protection. Apple in the policy has promised to block any leakage hole and anyone who tries to bypass the approach of apple will be punished by Safari in various ways.

Apple does credit Firefox’s earlier stance on anti-tracking however Brave CEO Breanden Eich who is also a former leader of Firefox has in a tweet signaled that with Apple’s reach and visibility the world will take more notice. He also believes that the policy to block tracking which evades privacy as something that will lead to a clash between the big companies of the world.

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