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Miracle Mineral Solution Does Not Cure, Warns the FDA

Use only FDA approved products, says the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). On Monday, the Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning to citizens against using MMS, a solution of chlorine dioxide as a remedy for autism and cancer. Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS is not approved by the FDA. It is the same as drinking a solution of bleach, says Ned Sharpless, the acting commissioner of FDA.

In fact, consumers may face side effects that are life-threatening, says the department. Parents should not use these products and should not give it to their children, it adds. MMS is marketed online to treat conditions related to autism, cancer and other ailments too. There is no evidence that the solution cures these ailments, says the FDA. There have been many such happenings in the past when the department has issued these warnings. The FDA ensures that patients use effective drugs that are safe and useful. All efforts to use unapproved products that are dangerous for consumption will be tracked and enforcement action will be taken against those who evade FDA regulations, says the FDA.

The FDA had compared the solution in 2010 to industrial bleach. It has caused various problems to consumers such as vomiting and nausea which has further led to blood pressure and dehydration. However, social media sites have amplified the use of the solution, calling it as a miracle cure, according to an investigation by NBC News, published in June. 20 years ago, the product was promoted by a former Scientologist who called it as a remedial solution to almost all ailments. Later, Kerri Rivera, a real estate agent in Chicago had stated that the solution could help to cure autism.

Over the last five years, many poison control centers have helped to fight against more than 16,000 such cases, in protecting people against these products that are misleading and harmful.

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