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Doctors Don’t Care About Data On Your Wearable Devices

There is huge hype of wearable these days. Smart watches or wearable are used to count calorie intake, measure heart rate, number of steps taken in a day and even the quality of sleep of a person. There are special versions of these smart watches available for kids and senior citizens as well. There is a general belief that regular use of wearable can help in getting a healthy lifestyle. People usually tap on the small monitors of their Apple smart watches and FitBits throughout the day, from gym to the doctor’s clinic.

Now the question arises, how useful is this information to the doctors. There is mixed view in this regards. Many have stated that it is good that people can keep a check on their heart rate and calorie count on regular basis but none of them has advised patients to visit the doctor’s chamber with the details of how many footsteps they have taken in a day or what was the calorie count on a specific day.

Neel Chokshi, who is the medical director at the Penn Medicine, informed that this kind of data just adds to the dump at the clinic. Chokshi is looking after the sports cardiology and fitness department for the Center. Penn Medicine has conducted several studies to understand the relationship between a user and the wearable used by the person. He also informed while some of the information available through the wearable is useful to the doctor, most of the information is not useful. Neel Chokshi also informed that fitness trackers can become useful to doctors once they are trained on how to utilize the information available in these devices. None of the medical schools across the world teaches the medics how to use the data available on a fitness tracker to diagnose the health of an individual.

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