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Pet Dog Owners Likely To Have A Healthy Heart, Says Study

New study has suggested that owning a pet dog is likely to provide health benefits to the owners besides offering a companion for life. The findings appeared in ‘Mayo Clinic Proceedings’ a journal a couple of days ago. The year 2013 and 2014 which marked the start of the study saw researchers gathering socioeconomic and health data of about 2000 plus individuals in Brno, Czech Republic. Follow-up assessments at a five year frequency until 2030 were also planned by them.

The current evaluation of 2019 involved researchers analyzing once more about 2000 individuals having no track of heart disease.  Scoring of individuals was done on seven recommended health factors and behaviors by the American Heart Association. ‘Life’s Simple 7’ as they are termed comprised parameters like body mass index, smoking status, physical activity, blood glucose, blood pressure and total cholesterol levels.

The study involved a comparison of these heart-related health scores of pet owners with scores of individuals not owning pets. Overall, it was ascertained that diets and levels of blood sugar were healthier in pet owners than non-pet owners. Pet ownership, said the study increased sociability, self-esteem of the individual and lessened stress levels. Among pets, it was the dog owners who seemed to have better cardiovascular health than any other pets irrespective of their sex, age or level of education.

A lead researcher while emphasizing the significance of the study stated that dog ownership not only enhanced the individual’s physical activity but proved beneficial in other respects too.  Diets were much healthier of dog owners leading to better condition of heart as well as the arteries. Several factors were positively impacted by owning a dog he said.

At the same time he did not rule out the possibility of skewed results due to the fact of many people owning dogs. There were about 24% of dog owners among the 42% of participants owning a pet.

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